How To Look After Your Mat

To maximise the life of your AngieB yoga mat we recommend the following:

Our mats are hand or machine washable however we do not recommend regular machine washing.
For hand washing, use a wet cloth and mild detergent.

If you opt for a machine wash, pick a gentle cycle with cold water and ALWAYS wash separately. Never use strong detergents, softeners or bleach. Never iron or tumble dry.

Hang out your mat to air dry. Speed up drying time by wrapping your mat in a towel and squeezing out excess water before hanging. Be aware, mats may take a considerable amount of time to dry.
Cleaning your mat removes body oil and sweat. We recommend wiping your mat after every use.

Before you begin, lightly spray your mat with water. Damp mats offer better grip meaning the more you sweat the less you slide.

Only roll your mat when completely dry. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Our mats are eco-friendly and because of the materials we use, you may experience wear and tear after long periods of use. Things to watch out for:

The mat rubber is biodegradable and will naturally harden in the natural environment. Exposure to sun and water will speed up this process and hardening may occur. This can cause the fabric to separate from the rubber.

The micro-suede surface is fastened to the rubber using heat and pressure and not glue. This can mean that the seal is not as strong.